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Updated: Nov 30, 2019

Plan Prepare Produce - it has been my mantra for a few years now. I’ve always had a single minded focus and always loved photography. So One-eyed Focus seemed a logical name for this new venture in 2020.

I’ve been blessed to have had help and advice in the planning and now at the end of 2019 its time to start preparing. I’m excited to be finally creating social media accounts, an email address and a website all under that same banner. My banner.

Its a lot of work but this time it is work for me and mine. I’m striking out and gaining the experience of working and standing on my own two feet and having the ability to decide my work/life balance as well as hopefully build my own reputation and not someone else’s along the way.

If you want to wish me luck or offer me business opportunities in 2020 please feel free to drop me a line at info@one-eyed-focus.tv

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