• Ian Winsford

The negative ripple effect of COVID cancellations

People and small businesses are suffering due to the effects of the virus. We've lost our usual liberties, maybe even lost loved ones too. Maybe you've been furloughed and know people who have sadly been made redundant. The general public rightly has to be very cautious when organising family events.

However, if you're considering cancelling a family event then please spare a thought for your local small businesses that rely on you holding those normal family celebrations. If you cancel your wedding, christening or graduation then lots of small local businesses, like mine, lose out. The venue misses out, the florist, the caterers. The DJ and photographer we miss out too. That economic loss for us has a knock-on effect. Because we are not earning from normal celebrations, we then have to fall back on our savings and make cutbacks ourselves. That cutback then hits the wider economy in an ongoing outward ripple effect.

For me, I've now made the choice to reduce my costs with Wix. So now when you hit my website you'll see the Wix banner at the top. It may also affect some of the features of my website. I don't like it, but I have to reduce costs if there is not enough work to cover all my day to day overheads.

It doesn't have to be this way though. That ripple effect works both ways, it can be positive too. If you hold your nerve and celebrate with family then you can share a happy day to remember and we all get to share a positive onward ripple into the wider UK economy.

IW - Aug 2020

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